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How the Warranty feature works? 👩‍🚒

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In short, the Warranty feature helps to upsell warranties in the product and cart pages.

In more details, it works as follows:

The buyer adds a warranty in addition to buying a product.
The app sends the buyer a redemption link with which she can upload a picture of the broken product and write a request.
You see the buyers request in the warranty management tab.
You can approve or reject the request.
If you approve the request, the buyer receives a discount in her next purchase.

How to create a warranty?

Navigate to "Offers" tab
Click "Warranty" on the left menu
Click on "Create warranty"

Choose a product on which to create the warranty

Give a name to the warranty. This name will not be displayed on your site.
Choose price type: Fixed or Percentage. Fill in the price of the warranty
Use our default image, or pick an image of your own. This will be the image of the warranty product
Hit 👊 "Save"

Important: The app will create a product in your store with the name, price and image you choose.

Warranty redemption

Once we process an order and see that a customer bought a warranty item with the main product, we send them a link with a warranty redemption landing page. They can create a warranty redemption request with text and an image:

Warranty management
Once a customer created a redemption request, you will see "Warranty mgmt" tab:

Choose the request type: "Pending" are requests that you didn't accept or reject yet. "Rejected" and "Accepted" are requests you have rejected and accepted. The requests are ordered by date.

"View order" button: View the order details
"View request" button: View the message and picture uploaded by the customer
"Accept" button: Accept the redemption request. A pop-up will appear and you will fill in how much discount this customer is going to receive. The customer will get an email/sms with a link to your store with the discount amount.
"Reject" button: Reject the redemption request. A pop-up will appear and you will be able to fill in a textual reason for the rejection. The customer will receive an email/sms with the rejection reason.

Warranty settings

Navigate to the "Settings" tab, and click "Warranty" on the left:

Testing your templates

You can set up the emails and sms that we send to the customer. After you modified the subject, email body, sms subject and sms template, fill in an email or phone (including international prefix!) and click the "Send test email" or "Send test SMS" button:

As you can see, the email and sms templates use liquid templating engine.


Navigate to "Texts" tab, and click "Warranty" on the left:

The "Tooltip HTML Template" is a liquid template. Please keep the "{{ discount }}" tag inside the text so we replace it in your site:

That's it, good job!👏

Updated on: 09/03/2022

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