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How to become Zoorix partner?

Hi-ya! 😁

Zoorix partner program includes:

50% commission for the first year, 30% later on
Up to 30% off for clients you refer
Branded referral link.

So how do you join? Simple, click here and click on "Sigh up"

Now, insert your email and set a password.

After you log in you'll see your partner deshboard:

Here you can set the amount of discount that the store will get and the amount of commission you'll get from the store. Notice that on the first year you'll recive 20% commission anyway, and you can set to get up to 30% more commission or give the store discount and get less commission.

Here you set the mail that we'll use to pay you your commission.

Here you can write the brand that will generate you your branded link. When you'll hit save you'll see that the linked changed according to your brand.

You can see how many stores you reffered and your revenue. "TOTAL PAID" is is how much money we already transfered you.

At the bottom of the page you can see a list of all the stores you reffered and the revenue from these stores. Also, you can see when we paid you and how much we paid.

That's it, happy to partner up with you!

Updated on: 21/03/2022

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