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Got any questions about our Plans and Pricing and how it works? 🤔

Our pricing is based on the revenue generated through the app, ensuring you pay only for what you use. No need to choose plans - your pricing adapts to your success.

Features are all-inclusive across every single plan!

Now, Let's talk about how Pricing Works!

Zoorix charge according to the revenue generated through the app.

You will see pricing in different tiers in the below screenshot:

Note: The app is entirely FREE, with a one-time charge approval. As long as it generates less than $100 worth of orders per month, no charges will apply!

Charging done dynamically means that you first give the app a permission to charge (see above popup) and then the pricing adjusts and evolves based on how effectively it helps generate sales for you, ensuring a flexible and personalized cost structure.

What is counted as revenue by the app?

We track sales generated specifically through the Zoorix widget. Note: Only items generated by the widget will be considered as revenue within the app.

For example:

If there's an order with products A, B, and C and only A was generated by the app, the app will attribute only the value of A, not the value of the whole order.

Given our dynamic pricing model, refer to the table below to understand how the app charges on a monthly basis.

Month:Zoorix Generated Orders:App subscription price:
Month 1$75FREE
Month 2$345$14.99
Month 3$99FREE
Month 4$127$7.99

You may also check this video tutorial! --> PLANS AND PRICING

For other issues and inquiries, please feel free to contact us at ✉️.

Updated on: 14/04/2024

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