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What to Do If Your Mix and Match Offer is Not Visible in the Shop App?

To troubleshoot your mix and match offer in the Shop app if it is not visible but your offer is published and enabled, follow these steps:

Ensure that the app is enabled in the Shopify theme settings.

Click the resync button within the app to ensure that the fetching and processing of data from Shopify webhooks are updated.

3.If the above steps are not effective, go to the settings of your mix and match offer and check if the discount method is set up as "Functions Product Discount."

Scroll down to the discount method section and if the offer is not set up as "Functions Product Discount," update it to this setting and click save.

If the offer is not set up as function product discount in the discount method. You need to update it and change it to functions product discount then click save

After changing the discount method, make sure to re-create the offer.

Please note the limitation of our mix and match offer using Functions Product Discount. If it does not work, it may be because your store has reached the maximum automatic discounts set up in the Shopify backend, which could be a reason why the mix and match offer is not showing.

For other issues and inquiries, please feel free to contact us at ✉️.

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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