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How the Cart Drawer works? 🛒

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The cart drawer is a pop-up cart uniquely designed to show upsell and cross sell offers and increase the average order value.

The cart drawer can be invoked by a cart toggle (see below on the right), after adding to cart and when clicking on the cart icon on the top right corner.

You may see on the below screenshot how the cart drawer looks like, including the following featues:
Free shipping bar at the top of the screen
Cross sell offer at the bottom of the cart drawer
Upsell offer at bottom of line items

To configure the cart drawer, navigate to the "Settings" tab, and then click the "Cart Drawer" on the left menu:


There are three options in the "Incentive" dropdown: None, Free Discount, Free shipping. The incentives are ways to incentivize the buyer to add items to his cart.

Free Shipping

In this incentive, if a user reaches the specified threshold (in your shop's currency), they get free shipping. In this case, please configure free shipping accordingly in your store admin. This feature is UI ONLY! Zoorix does not configure shipping rates for your store, you have to do it manually.

Free discount

In this incentive, if the user reaches the specified threshold (in your shop currency), we automatically give them a discount on the whole cart.

General settings

The general settings section is just below the Incentive section.

Following are some helpful configurations:

Invoke from header

If this configuration cis checked, the cart drawer will be invoked when the user clicks the cart button in the header of the page.

Show buttons

Here you can choose which buttons to show in the bottom of the cart drawer.


To change the texts of the cart drawer, navigate to "Texts" tab, and then click "Cart Drawer" on the left:

Keep the "{{money}}" and "{{discount}}" tags in the "Free Discount Unlock Discount:" box so we can put there the threshold and the discount.

One-Click Offer

There another quick upsell option by using a one-click offer, just below the cart items, see below how it looks like:

To set this up, go to the Offers tab, Cart Drawer on the left menu,

That's it! Of course, if you have any question or need assistance don't hesitate to contact us at


Updated on: 02/05/2022

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