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How the product mapping works? 📍

Warm hello! 👋😁

We will explain here what is the product mapping and how works, so if that what you want to know - you are in the right place!

Using the Slider, if you want to manually select which products or variants to offer - product mapping is what you need 👌

With product mapping you can select the products which will trigger the offer and also choose the offer items.

Ok, enough talking, show me the money! 🤑

In the Zoorix app, navigate to the Offers tab -> Slider on the left menu, and click on the "Product Mapping" button:

After you create some product mappings, you can add a new one, or edit an existing one:

Let's create a new offer:

Click on Add Mapping.

Choose some trigger products - these are products that will trigger the offer in the product page or in the cart page.

Click on a product to add it. You will see it on the right:

You can add a group of products, e.g. a specific collection, using the "Add by filter" button.

After you select the group click on "Add"

By disabling the "Dynamic Grouping" checkbox, you can add the item as separated items and not as a collection of items

You can select a subset of variants for to tigger the offer

This option is relevant only for the cart page only. It means that only if one of those variants is in the cart, the offer will show.
On the product page, the offer will show all of the time

After clicking "Next" you can select the offer items :

These items will show on the offer when the user is visiting one of the trigger product page, or has one of the trigger products in the cart.

Here's an example from Zoorix's store:

Live example can be found - here

You can change the order of the offer items - the ones on the top are shown first:

It's possible to have specific conditions and rules for the cart page offer. For example:

Show on product page checkbox - whether the offer will be triggered on the product pages

Show on cart - whether to show the offer on the cart page or on cart drawer

Show only above total cart price - show the offer above certain total price in the cart

Show only below total cart price - show the offer below certain total price in the cart

Show only above cart items count - show the offer only if there are more then certain amount of items in the cart

Show only below cart items count: show the offer only if there are less then certain amount of items in the cart

When you're done, click "Next".

We're almost done! 🤗

Below is a screenshot of the last step of creating the product mapping:

Name (hidden): This name is only for your eyes, it won't be displayed on site.

Title (optional): override the title from the slider settings with a specific title for this mapping.

Subtitle (optional): override the subtitle from the slider settings with a specific subtitle for this mapping.

Discount on offer items (optional) - grant a discount on the offer items if the buyer has at least one trigger product in his cart. The discount is given only on the offer items and not on the trigger items.

Minimum items purchased to receive a discount (optional) - grant a discount only if at least this number of offer products were added to the cart from the offer

Maximum slider items purchased for discount (optional): grant a discount on a maximum number of the offer items. Any additional offer items that are added to the cart won't receive a discount.

Click "Save" to save this offer and wait for the changes to be published on your site (the green progress bar on top).

Updated on: 09/03/2022

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