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How to use Zoorix with PageFly? 📄

Hello! 😁

If you are using PageFly, installing Zoorix is a bit different than installing it on a classic theme.

So let's see how to do it! 🚀

Start by installing PageFly by clicking here

Now, once your PageFly is all set up, navigate to the page where you want to place the offer.

Click on 3rd Party Elements, which is located in the left side menu. Then, click on the Manage Integration button.

Enter Zoorix into the search bar, and when Zoorix appears, activate it.

After that, locate and click on the Zoorix app. The offer block will appear. Drag it to the specific spot where you wish to display the offer.

As an example, I positioned the offer block beneath the Add to Cart button. Ensure to save your changes!

Now, head back to your Zoorix app and begin creating your offers.

Once you have completed creating your offers, be sure to click on "Settings" in the top tabs, then choose "General" from the left-side menu.

Now, switch the offer placement method to "App Blocks" so you can visualize your changes!

That's it! now you can go to the product and/or cart page and check that the offer is showing up 😇

You may also check this video tutorial! --> How to use Zoorix with PageFly? 📄

Offer not showing up? Have questions? Contact us at and we would ❤️ to help!

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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