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What is a bundle and how to use it? 📦

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We will now talk about bundles, how to create, configure and maintain them.

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Bundles are used to upsell products. You can define a group of products that are shown together in the bundle widget and if the buyer buys them all together using the "Add Bundle" button, they will get a discounted price.

Creating/editing a bundle

The flow of create and edit bundle is the same. Navigate to the "Offers" tab, and click "Bundle" on the left. Here you can create or edit a bundle:

Title and subtitle

These texts will show on the product page / cart page:

Discount types

There are several discount types you can assign to the bundle.

Fixed amount- This is a one-time discount on all the bundles items together. For example, if there are two items in the bundle, one that costs 10$ and the other that costs 15$, and the fixed amount is 5$, the calculation is 10$+15$-5$=20$. The buyer will pay 20$ on the bundle. The amount is in your shop's currency.

Percentage- The percentage discounts is calculated on all the bundle items. For example, if the bundle has two products, one 10$ and one 20$, and the percentage is 50%, the calculation is (10$+20$)x50%=15$. The buyer will pay 30$-15$=15$ on the bundle.

Quantitative- The quantitative discount is a different discount per amount of items selected by the user. For example, if the quantitative discount is 25% per two items, and 50% per three items, and the bundle has three products, 10$, 20$, 30$. If the buyer selected only the 10$ and the 30$ products, the calculation is (10$+30$)x25%=10$, the buyer will pay 40$-10$=30$. But if the user selected all the products, the calculation is (10$+20$+30$)x50%=30$, the buyer will pay 60$-30$=30$.

Display options

You can choose when to display the bundle.

Display on selected items- The bundle will be displayed on the selected product pages, or if this item is in the cart:

You can either add products one by one, or in groups.

Display on bundle items- The bundle will show only on product pages of the bundle items, or when the bundle items are in the cart:

Navigate to

You can set automatic navigation after a bundle has been added to the cart. For example, when a user clicks "Add Bundle", their browser will automatically navigate to the checkout page. There are four options - Default (taken from bundle settings), Checkout page, Cart page, or None (don't navigate - stay on the page)

Location on product page

You can override the bundle settings with a specific display option for this bundle. You can set this bundle specifically to show on the product page in two places - below add to cart button, and/or the bottom of the page:

Cart display options

You can set display options on the cart page:

"Keep showing when all bundle items in cart": Show the bundle widget even if all the bundle items are already in the cart.

Bundle items

Here you can select up to 8 items that are included in the bundle. You can also select specific variants for each item:


When you're done configuring the bundle, scroll up to the top of the page, and click 💾 "Save":

Wait for the changes to be published to your site (the green progress bar on top of the page).

Bundle settings

Navigate to "Settings" tab -> click "Bundle" on the left:

Quick view

The quick view enables the customer look at the suggested product without leaving the product page or cart page.

Scroll down to reach the Quick View section:

Here's how it looks on-site when the customer clicks the slider item:

The customer can add the product directly from the quick view pop-up.

Notification pop-up

Scroll down to the Notification pop-up section:

Here's how it looks on-site when the customer adds a bundle:

The pop-up also includes how much discount was given.


When you're done configuring the bundle settings, hit 💾 "Save" on the bottom right. Wait for the changes to be published to your site (the green progress bar on top).

All Done, now wait for the profits... 💸 and of course if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at!

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Updated on: 09/03/2022

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