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How does Excluded items work? ❌

Hi! 👋

We will now talk about Excluded items.

Excluded items are iteams that you don't want them to be on the slider widget.

Want to know how to exclude your items? Walk with me threw the steps below 🚶

Navigate to "Offers" tab -> then click "Slider" on the left. Click the "Excluded" button to manage excluded products. The number in the parentheses shows how many excluded products are listed:

Adding excluded products one by one

Start typing ⌨️ the product name in the search box. Click the desired product to add it to the list on the right.

Adding a group of excluded products

There are two options:
Add a dynamic group. This way, we keep the products in the group refreshed every day. If you add a product that is in the group in your store, you will see it after a day or two.
Add just a bunch of products (not dynamic). This way you can control which products to include in the list (you can delete), but the app will not maintain the list for you.

The above options are controlled by the "Dynamic grouping" checkbox.

You can use one or two filters to select the products:

That's it, click save and wait for the changes to be published to your store (the green progress line on top).

Searching mappings by trigger products

Start typing the product name in the search box to filter mappings that have the product in their trigger products:

Updated on: 09/03/2022

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