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How to create a BOGO discount? 🤔

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Here's how you create a BOGO offer.

Note: BOGO means "Buy One, Get One" - simply means you buy one item and get another item at a discounted price or for free.

1. Here we are at the Zoorix dashboard. To set up a BOGO discount, click the "Offers" tab.

2. Select "BOGO" and proceed to create an offer.

3. Once you're inside, you can set the offer title. Then, under "Trigger Items," click "Add Items" and select the item you want to include in the offer.

4. Next, click the "Offer items" button and choose the product to which you want to apply the discount.

5. Now, select the discount type and specify the discount amount you'd like to apply on the offer item.

* Note: We offer two types of discounts in BOGO: the fixed price discount and the percentage discount. You can select the one that suits your preference.

6. And don't forget to click save. And you're all set!

This is how it would look like on the product page 👉

You may also check this video tutorial! --> How to set up a BOGO offer?

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Updated on: 08/01/2024

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