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How to set the Volume Discount offer? 🔊

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Using the volume discount you can offer a dynamic discount according to the quantity of items purchased, e.g. 10% discount for 10+, 20% for 20+ and 30% for for 30+ items.

To create a Volume Discount offer go to the Offers tab -> Volume Discount on the right panel -> Create volume discount offer

Add the offer title, subtitle, "Add Variant" button text, where to navigate after the offer was added to cart

Choose the item which you'd like to set the discount on

Here you can either choose to show on a single product by selecting "Show on single product" in the "Offer type" dropdown

Or you can choose to offer the discount of multiple items, by choosing "Discount on single product from a group"

Add discounted tiers, e.g 10% discount for 10+ qty, 20% discount for 20+ qty, 30% discount for 30+ qty

Mark a tier as popular

Some extra stuff...

- The volume discount offer also supports adding multiple variants using the "Add Variant" button ->

- The Volume Discount offer can have be configured to have a discount table on the top. To do that go to Settings tab -> Volume Discount on the left menu -> Misc. -> Discounted tiers table

Finally, you can pre-select specific variants that will show up on the volume discount offer when it's loaded

To do that, click on the "Predefined variants" checkbox:

Then add the variants which you'd like to be offered:

You may also check this video tutorial! --> How to create a volume discount offer?

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Updated on: 08/01/2024

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