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How to set up a tiered mix and match offer? 💭

In this tutorial you would be able to learn on how to set up a tiered mix and match offer.

Note: A tiered mix and match offer is a type of discount where customers are incentivized to buy a certain quantity or combination of different products from a designated collection.

Start by accessing your app's dashboard. Then, click on the Offers button located adjacent to it.

Afterward, navigate to the left side of the menu and choose the "Mix and Match" option. Ensure that the Discount Method is configured as Functions Product Discount.

Note: This step is crucial to enable the creation of tiered mix and match offers. As the tiered discount only works in this this type of Discount method.

Next, click on the settings tab found on the right-side menu of the mix and match offer:

Scroll down a bit ⬇️ and switch the discount method to Functions Product Discount. Then, save your changes.

From there, proceed to create an offer.

Now you're in.

Scroll down a bit, and you'll come across the option for selecting the type of discount. Choose tiered.

Next step, click the add collection button, and select the collection that you wish to feature in your tiered mix and match discount.

Following that, click on the "Add tier" button to include the discount tier you intend to add.

In my example, I'm going to set it up as Tier 1: buy 2 products to receive a 20% discount and Tier 2: buy 5 products to qualify for a 50% discount from the selected collection.

And don't forget to hit SAVE.

This is how it will appear in the bundle builder section of your store. Now, you're all ready to go!

You may also check this video tutorial! --> How to exclude specific collection and products on my sticky bar app?

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Updated on: 10/01/2024

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