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Removing the App "Powered By"

What is "Powered By" Zoorix?

This serves as a showcase to inform site visitors that the particular feature utilized has been developed by Zoorix! This tag serves as evidence that the specific feature on your eCommerce site is a product of Zoorix.

Why remove it from the store?

Firstly, numerous merchants might get uncomfortable with the "Powered by" badge, as store owners often aim to establish independent and stand-alone businesses Secondly, many store owners want customers to remind their store brand.

We got you there!

Just a heads up, removing the "Powered by Zoorix" costs $7.99/month._

Here is the catch!

When the store moves to a paying tier (has more than $100 generated by the app) the "Powered by Zoorix" will be removed automatically and it is absolutely free.

Here is how to remove the "Powered by Zoorix",

Go to the Plans tab and click on the "Approve charges" button (see the below screenshot) ->

Once the charges are approved, click the "Opt-in" button to remove the "Powered by Zoorix" (see the below screenshot) ->

You may also check this video tutorial! --> Removing the App "Powered By

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Updated on: 17/01/2024

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