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What are the snippets of the app?

Hello! 😁

Below is a quick guide how to integrate the app to your store using snippets:

In case you'd like to place the widget in the product page use the following snippet:

<div data-location="app-block">
<span zoorix-widget="all"></span>

To place the widget on the full cart page, use the following snippet:

<div data-page="cart" data-location="app-block">
     <span zoorix-widget="all"></span>

Lastly, go back to the app, navigate to the Settings tab -> General on the left menu, and change the offer placement method to App Block (see the below screenshot)

That's it! now you can go to the product and/or cart page and check that the offer is showing up 😇

The offer doesn't show up? Have questions? Feel free to contact us at and we would love to help! 🤗

Updated on: 06/08/2023

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